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A Belgian Saddlery Brand that spans the gap between the French saddles, which give a good feel for the rider, and the British-style brands that are flockable and can be well fit.

These saddle look and feel right for the modern market and have the quality and fitting characteristics for riders and fitters who understand the difference. 

The Saddles

Ikonic saddles are made of French and Italian leathers, have changeable head irons, and are fully customizable with all the options at great price points. Ikonic’s flocking is a combination of wool and foam, offering the best of both materials: light weight, customizable on site, and low maintenance for the rider.

Dressage, jumping and pony saddles are all available to order on line using our saddle configurator. This is a great tool for saddle fitters on the go to appointments at barns, as well as at home in the shop.

Price Points

US Sales Manager, Jeanie Clarke, is also here to support your sales efforts with a huge selection of test ride saddles, years of saddle fitting experience for horses and riders of all ages and levels, and great corporate support from Ikonic.


The margin for Ikonic dealers is keystone/50%. 

Retail pricing from $3K to $6K.


Work With IKONIC

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