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Hi, I'm Jeanie

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I am a life-long horsewoman and an educator. These two vocations are inseparable for me, and I believe they characterize my success as a rider, trainer, coach, and sales agent.


Good education creates confidence. Together, education and confidence create success. This approach to riding and teaching has resulted in a successful group of horses and riders.

I moved to Florida in 2010 to immerse myself in the toughest eventing scene in the USA. The first thing that I learned was that to play at the highest levels, one had to be supported on all sides by the best.


The smallest difference in quality or suitability of horse or the tiniest improvement in comfort from the horse's tack showed up in the results. 

I made it my mission to make connections that allowed me to find the right horses. I turned the world of tack upside down until I found companies that put horse comfort and support first. Learn more about why tack matters here.

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I choose Amerigo & Ikonic Saddles for my horses and clients because they have a model for every type of horse's back, allowing for a supportive, comfortable fit. Support and comfort for the horse mean less irritation "noise" for your horse to filter through to hear you. 

All of the other products in my store are products I use on my horses daily. Have a question about a piece of tack on my site? Email me directly. Let's chat.  

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