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Great riders aren't great riders on their own.

They can't be successful without the right horse or the right equipment. 


Hi, I'm Jeanie Clarke. 

When I started my journey to becoming an FEI level competitor, I realized quickly that I needed several things to ride at that level successfully. 

#1. The right horse

#2. Tack that supported the horse, and fit correctly, so that he may hear me. 

This understanding led me to partner with only the highest quality producers of horses and tack. Learn more about what makes them great here.

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Board and Training

In search of riding lessons, board, or horse training? We offer all three in two locations!

Saddles & Tack

Up-level your horse's performance with a saddle designed for his particular body type. 

Sales Program

Find your next partner through the time-tested and results-driven system, hand holding included.