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Two Brands, One Fitting

The size and shape of your saddle should reflect:

1. Your horse's conformational needs


2. Your physical build


3. Your intended use/goals 

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I can help you understand how these factors work into your saddle selection so that you can feel confident in your decision and (most importantly) your horse can perform in comfort.

Between Amerigo and Ikonic Saddlery, there is a saddle for EVERY back shape. High withers and a short back? I've got it. Long withers and a low back? I've got it.


Are you ready to see how the right saddle can add to your success story? Let's chat. Click "schedule a fitting" below to start the conversation.

- Jeanie Clarke

"Having ridden with two other high-end saddle companies with mixed results, I was struggling with the showjumping on an exceptionally athletic horse. When Jeanie suggested I try the Amerigo DJ, I didn't expect a huge change. I was wrong. From the first ride, I found a balance over my feet that allowed me to find my horse's hind leg and balance in the canter. In addition, we were able to fit the horse's back perfectly with the design of the DJ. I now have both the DJ and the Vega and find that it's continued to allow me to be in balance over my feet on each horse I ride. Having that balance allows a level of performance unparalleled in other major brands I've ridden in."

- Kay Slater, True North Eventing

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